Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The Council of Editors of Learned Journals has begun a blog to explore the influence of Web 2.0 for journals, which are experiencing enormous challenges as content goes online.

If you are an academic, it's worth a look.

I have been serving this year as the chair of our Faculty Senate Committee on Libraries, which is just now preparing to send to the Senate a report written by Penn State's Dean of Libraries and Scholarly Communications Nancy Eaton on "Scholarly Communications and Open Access." This is a crucial issue for higher education -- for research, teaching, and outreach -- and the world is changing fast.

The CELJ blog is designed to operate for a fairly short time, attempting to put together a preliminary set of principles for academic journals in the new environment. Comments are solicited. Then the blog and the comments will migrate to a Wiki, where further refinement, revision, and amplification of the principles will be invited.

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