Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Active Voices

Sharon McKenzie Stevens and Patricia Malesh, Active Voices: Composing a Rhetoric for Social Movements. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2009.

Table Of Contents (from SUNY Press)


1. Introduction: Active Voices
Patricia Malesh and Sharon McKenzie Stevens

PART I A New Rhetoric for Social Change:Theories

2. Vernacular Rhetoric and Social Movements: Performances of Resistance in the Rhetoric of the Everyday
Gerard A. Hauser and erin daina mcclellan

3. Dreaming to Change Our Situation: Reconfiguring the Exigence for Student Writing
Sharon McKenzie Stevens

PART II Public Rhetorics: Analyses

4. Disorderly Women: Appropriating the Power Tools in Civic Discourses
Moira K. Amado-Miller

5. The Progressive Education Movement: A Case Study in Coalition Politics
Brian Jackson and Thomas P. Miller

6. Giving Voice to a Movement: ... Letter to the New Left ... and the Potential of History
Thomas Rosteck

7. Sharing Our Recipes: Vegan Conversion Narratives as Social Praxis
Patricia Malesh

PART III Changing Spaces for Learning: Actions

8. Moving Students into Social Movements: Prisoner Reentry and the Research Paper
David Coogan

9. Engaging Globalization through Local Community Activism: A Model for Activist Pedagogical Practice
Anne Marie Todd

10. Co-Creating Spaces for Community: Radical Identities and Collective Praxis
Mary Ann Cain

Response Essay

11. Politics, Class, and Social Movement People: Continuing the Conversation
William DeGenaro

Notes on Contributors

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