Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Killed Filibuster Reform?

 From The American Prospect:

Scott Lemieux, "What Killed Filibuster Reform?" American Prospect.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator McConnell reached an agreement yesterday that will be called "filibuster reform" by some reports. But as The Washington Post's Ezra Klein summarizes it, "The deal is this: The filibuster will not be reformed." There were some minor changes in the deal that will streamline the confirmation process for nominees to federal district courts (although not appeals courts), but overall the deal is a fizzle for supporters of filibuster reform. . . .

What Killed Filibuster Reform?

I admit that filibuster reform is something I have mixed feelings about, since the ability to "extend debate" protects the rights of the minority in the debate. But there must come a point at which the majority can move on with its work, and the filibuster has been abused. 

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