Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pennsylvania in the Balance

Judging by the commentators and the actions of the candidates, Pennsylvania is a crucial state in this presidential election.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are leading in all the polls, but of course anything could happen.

In our mid-state university town, we have had visits this year from Barack Obama (during primary season), Sarah Palin (a photo op earlier in the month, and a rally on campus on Tuesday evening). Bill Clinton will speak on campus tonight.

From Getty Images, here is a campaign rally in Pottsville, Pennsylvania --

The image captures the dismay in the press over the McCain campaign's "I'm a patriot and a war hero and we don't really know much about the loyalties of that other guy." The appeal has worn thin, and though it does apparently appeal strongly to a core of constituents, it seems likely to remind independent voters, given the skepticism of the press frame, of how thin the McCain rhetoric is.

Our local paper this morning frames the story of last night's Sarah Palin rally as a desperate gesture: "The McCain campaign's last-minute dash for Pennsylvania blew into town Tuesday night as running mate Sarah Palin stood in a packed Rec Hall and declared that "this is a close race.""

Another front page story in the CDT is headlined, "Die-Hard Supporters Flock to Palin."

Sarah Palin photo credit, Nabil Mark, Centre Daily Times, 29 October 2008.

See also Bag News Notes, "One Woman in Pennsylvania," 29 October 2008.

ABC News on Palin lies about Obama in Western Pennsylvania.

Obama ad on McCain and winking Palin, at Huffington Post.

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